30. okt. 2009

If i'm UGLY then so are you!

Hi Everyone

One of my friends just told me, that I should stop just being all about looks and use my brain a bit more. One of her friends told her that they think I’m ugly not because I’m “ugly” per say but because they believe I only get by with my looks and that I don’t use my brain. Well this just shows that this person or these people don’t know me. They wouldn’t even dare to say it to my face. They told my friend and my friend told me and she doesn’t want to tell their/he/her name. Personally I think it’s very hurtful and I know who I am and must say I’m both beauty and smart. It really hurt my feelings because I’m sick and tired of this. If you have me on facebook, see me on the street, go to my college or have gone to the same school as me and you don’t know me, what gives you the right to go around talking about me and saying stuff like that. And if my looks were everything I had; So what is the problem? Just because you have issues with your self doesn’t mean you need to take that out on me. I rather you come and ask me why I only get by my looks and don’t use my brain rather than going around to other people and talk to them about me.
If I’m ugly then so are you!
If I’m ugly then so are you!
Here are so lines from the Sugababes song ugly:
People are all the same
And we only get judged by what we do
My personality reflects me
And if I'm ugly then
So are you So are you

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  1. Du burde lage trutmunn oftere, faktisk

  2. It would be rude for a person to come up to you and say: You play on the "i'm pretty and not so smart" type. But it's true that saying stuff like that to others might be rude, so you would rather not have your friend tell you then?

  3. Takk til Anonym :)

    @Jensen I would rather that person came up to me. I would rather my friend stop always saying things about me or what other people have said and not say names. What is the point!


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