23. okt. 2009


Hi Everyone

( Picture taken from: http://marieamanda.com/ )

As a blogger I have to tell you about three blogs I have to go to everyday. The first one is http://marieamanda.com/ and the second one is http://idawulff.com/, the third one is http://idafladen.blogspot.com/. I have always liked their blogs. The reason I like Ida W's blog is because she’s funny, honest and real, but I liked Ida W's blog even more after her trip to Kenya with Plan Norway ( Plan’s website: http://www.plan-norge.no/ ) . It showed me another side of her. I like Marie Amanda for the same reasons and the fact that she keeps it really real and she loves fashion. Plus she is a really nice person and don’t deserve all the crap she gets on her blog from jealous people. To correct myself none of them deserve the crap they get from people on their blog. I like Ida F’s blog because she is a really nice person, and her blog really reflects how she is and her life. Plus her blog is funny, honest, cute and sometimes a little bit crazy.Plus they both seem to enjoy life, and I really like people who enjoys life, plus they are beautiful. You girls rock!!!

( Picture taken from: http://idafladen.blogspot.com/ )

(Picture taken from: http://idawulff.com/)
( Picture taken from: http://marieamanda.com/)
(Picture taken from: http://idawulff.com/)

( Picture taken from: http://idafladen.blogspot.com/ )

PS: Marie Amanda sometimes blogs in English but mainly Norwegian & Ida & Ida only blogs in Norwegian

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