24. okt. 2009


I’m so happy it’s Saturday, cause I can finally sleep for as long as my heart desires. During the weekdays, I normally set my alarm at 7 am and I plan to leave 7.45 am. I wish I got up, did what I had to do,
then left for work. Too bad that isn’t the case. Sadly this is what my mornings looks like:

1. My alarm goes off at 7 am. I give myself a little more time and reset the alarm. Exactly 9 minutes later, it goes off again.

2. You’d think I’d get up by now, but I don’t. I continue sleeping. Well, some mornings I sleep other mornings I just lay there closing my eyes trying to stay warm.

3. I normally get up after the second alarm goes off. Not always though. The other day I woke up in shock. It was 7.40 am. Oh well.

4. When I eventually manage to get up, I jump into the shower, find something decent to wear and put on make- up if I feel like it.

5. Before I know it, it’s 7.45 am. I leave the house. I could take the bus, but that seems to make me so much more tired, so I’ve started walking to the tube instead. The walk takes 20 minutes, and I always start my walk by lip- singing and doing my self choreographed routine to Beyonce’s song “Diva”. It really wakes me up.

I never have enough time in the morning. How do you guys manage?

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