14. sep. 2009

To Vote or not To Vote, that’s the question!?

Hi Everyone

Yesterday we voted, because voting is important. Voting let's you speak your mind and make a difference. and we should also remember 1913, when woman were allowed to vote in Norway and for those who fought so we can vote today! This year is my first time voting. So I was really excited about voting. After we voted we went to town to buy a FEW Sweets! So have you guys voted today? I can't wait to see what the outcome of this election is!

Bailey giving her vote!

It says, thank you for voting!

Two happy voters :)

The FEW sweets we bought!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Yesterday I voted for ARBEIDERPARTIET before I left to the airport, LOL.. It's suppose to be a secret but oh well! Nice one, girls.. ;)

  2. We did the Same! As you said O'well secret is out! You caught me!!


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