15. aug. 2009


Hi Everyone

Yesterday I was at Øyafestivalen with my boss. It was very fun, we were there on a mission, that I'll tell you guys about later. We saw Asher Roth it was really really good, I'm officially a FAN! And I got to meet him after the super concert!! You might know Asher Roth he is behind the smash hit I Love College.

We also saw Wale, which was a good concert as well! He has a big hit with Lady Gaga, yeah I said it Lady Gaga and it's called Chillin* check it out. Here are some pictures from yesterday. And I also got to meet Wale, he is really nice the same goes for Asher Roth. And I saw Lily Allen she walked right past me, she was looking GOOD!!! We also saw the rock group Kvelertak, they rocked!

More to come!

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