27. aug. 2009


Hi Everyone

I’m going to make this blog post a bit more personal than my previous ones. Since my lovely and beautiful friend, Rebecca keeps telling me that the blog is getting boring. So here it goes. I have Crohn’s Disease, and as they say at Wikipedia. (Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease of the intestines that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from anus to mouth, causing a wide variety of symptoms. It primarily causes abdominal pain, diarrhea (which may be bloody), vomiting, but may also cause complications outside of the gastrointestinal tract such as skin rashes, arthritis and inflammation of the eye. Crohn's disease is an autoimmune disease, in which the body's immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract, causing inflammation; it is classified as a type of inflammatory bowel disease.)Just to keep it short it changed my life forever.

I don’t know if Crohn’s disease made me a better person, a bitter person, or just a bad person. I look around at people who waste their life’s but they are still healthy, personally I don’t think that’s fair. I’m not a bad person really. So why did I get this disease? Some people say everything happens for a reason. I just don’t and can’t believe that anymore. There are things in life I just don’t care about which is quite sad. Because of my Crohn’s there are so many things I can’t do that I could do before. Those things I can’t do now are stuff you would look at as so normal and won’t think about. There are foods I can’t eat as well anymore. The lists go on and on. So I’m not going to begin.As said earlier in the post there are things I don’t care about any longer.

But something I care about is how people discriminate disabled people. I’m classified disabled but since you can’t see my disability, I don’t get discriminated in the way people with a visual disability. It sickens me when I see and hear the way people talk and what they call disabled people. I hear them and I think “Are you Okay? Obviously not, since you have to look down on people”. That was all I have to say for now. And Rebecca I hope you are happy now!

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  1. Proud to be white27. august 2009 kl. 18:17

    Life isn't fair and people discriminate especially against blacks and obese people. Also against disabled people as you stated but that's life.

    I feel bad that you had to get that disease but would you wish it against anyone else? I doubt so.
    You can be bitter about your situation or accept it and do some thing about it.
    Ok, you can't do the same things you did before. Ok, you can't eat everything you used to. But that doesn't mean your life stops or gives you an excuse for not living or complaining.
    Try doing something different than what you used to and your disease prohibits you to do now. Work around your disease and be free again.
    NB! All black people have issues, it's official

  2. Nice to read, I like your blog even more now.

  3. Prouf d to be white : I get what you say,and I like you :)

    And thank you very mucg it warms my heart!


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