28. aug. 2009


Hi Everyone

Yesterday we went to see M.O.P ++ at Rockefeller. It was such a good show we had so much fun. My boss wanted me to go backstage to take pictures with the artists, so me and Bailey did. Backstage we got to jam with M.O.P, Termanology, Tommy Tee, Reks and Ill Bill. They are all really nice people and they even gave us a shout out while performing. As M.O.P was doing their last song, "Ante Up" Lil'Fame wanted his sisters (that's us!) to come up on stage with them. It was really cool, we had a lot of fun!

Shout out to Chris. Thaaaaanks :D

Me in the rain
Bailey looking innocent
Bailey and I
Waiting for the show to begin
Backstage passes


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