1. aug. 2009

Lady Gaga is a very fine woman!

I got a text message while I was working yesterday saying; “do you want to go to Gaga?” I screamed a little out loud!! Called him and said of course I want to go to Lady Gaga. After work I meet up with Bailey, and then we meet our friends at the Plaza and just relaxed before the concert. The concert was really good, a great show (Thanks to Gisle, who runs the site 730.no for the hook up, and check it out). After the concert we went to Lipp for the after party.

Overall a very good night!

Bailey & Chioma <3

Me & My Boss



Check it out : http://730.no/musicItem.aspx?newsId=2406

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  1. Heftig kult, virker som dere har ett kult liv.


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