26. aug. 2009

La Coka Nostra + MOP + Termanology <3

Hi Everyone

I'm sitting in class, dreaming and looking forward to going the La Coka Nostra + MOP + Termanology concert tomorrow. This is hard STUFF, hardcore Hip hop, I can't wait. The concert is at Rockefeller and the doors open at 8! If I were you and I hadn't bought my ticket I would do so straight away, this is not something you want to miss!!!

You can buy your ticket or tickets here : http://www.billettservice.no/index.php?tm_link=tm_logo&language=no

I hope I'll see you there :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jump Around, jump jump jump jump.

  2. AROUND! Get down with M.O.B. Yeah you know me!


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