20. aug. 2009

Day 3

Day 3 of my new diet. I try to keep myself as active as possible, cause when I'm busy I don't think about sugar. The mornings and afternoons are fine, but when evening hits, it gets 10 times worse. I know it's only been 3 days, but fighting any habit is hard work. My ultimate goal is to have what I define as a natural relationship towards sugar. That includes only eating sugary foods once a week, never for dinner and when I do eat it, only in small portions.

I remember the time when I was addicted to chocolate bars. Snickers was my favorite. I could eat up to 3 kingsize chocolate bars a day and i did so for almost 2 weeks. Some of you might think that this is nothing, that's you. For me this was something. During that time, I had cravings like no other. All I could think about when I was at school was; which chocolate bars I was gonna buy after school? And when I'd eaten them, I couldn't wait till the next day to eat some more. I eventually managed to stop. You can work your way through any addiction. More than anything you have to change your way of thinking. First of all you have to want to change, secondly you have to tell yourself that you're going to change. And third? You just have to do it!

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  1. When you work out you dont get so tired in the morning and during the day. Its true. + you get better skin. And dont smoke. Heh!

  2. You got that right! I love it ;)


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