23. aug. 2009


I initially wanted to watch the movie "Fat Albert" (hey, hey, heeeey lol :P), but my lazy ass wasn't bothered to go downstairs, so I had to watch something else. Instead I watched the movie "Disappearing Acts" with Sanaa Lathan and Wesley Snipes. The movie is based on the best-selling novel by Terry McMillian (the author behind "How Stella got her groove back" and so on). I hadn't read the book before I saw the movie, but I'm a fan of Sanaa so I bought the movie anyways. The movie is basically about a man and a woman who falls in love and have to face the challenges that follows. You know how it is. The movie was a romantic drama, but that didn't stop me from laughing my ass off half the time. I wasn't laughing cause people were cracking jokes, cause nobody was. When Sanaa was crying, I was laughing. When Wesley lost his job, I was laughing :S. I suppose I should have read the book before seeing this movie, it probably would have helped me enjoy the movie more. Oh well.

An emotional Sanaa talking to her "sister" i.e girlfriend :P

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