18. aug. 2009


Hi Everyone

Today I met Rebecca and we bought things for college, and I bought dinner!
I'm so happy that I'm no longer worried to go to college, hurray, hurray! A bad thing is that we are getting homework tomorrow! To night I'm going to have a quiet night in with my pizza, I
decided to buy real food for dinner instead of just buying ice cream.
Rebecca rockin her ice cream!
Me at Ark!
Rebecca at Ark buying stuff for college!
How are you spending the rest of your day?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Eat more healthyyyyy.......

  2. I know I should, but I don't like to cook, it takes to long!

  3. I have seen Rebecca at college, she looks like a bitch. Hows her personality?

  4. OMG! LOL! She is not a bitch, she is a really nice person, but if she doesn't like you. She can be a bitch!


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